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Dr Dau Lal Bohra 

Based in Rajasthan, India, Dr Dau Lal Bohra works on vulture conservation, particularly mortality issues along migratory routes across central Asia. He is all too familiar with the repercussions that veterinary drugs such as diclofenac may have upon Gyps vultures, steppes eagles and other vulnerable species. Dr Bohra, Now works as Head, Post Graduate Department of Zoology, Seth GB Podar College and run a UGC minor research project in Bats Biodiversity in Sekhwati region.

He also adjoin IUCN SSC Wildlife Health Specialist Group, Raptor Research Foundation, WCCB, MoeF, New Delhi, IBCN, BNHS any many International research agency. He was part of Multi-Species Action Plan for vulture conservation. He is also trained with extensive application of Molecular Microbiology in DNA-based techniques including PCR, basic immunological methods, including cell culture, analysis of serum antibody and cell mediated immune response with microbes. In 2008-2009, adjoin with for “Vulture Advocacy programme” conflict in BNHS, activity related to the research, conservation and prevention of the possible illegal use of poisons against predators (Diclofenac and other painkiller use for animal treatment), threatening the vulture populations. Our conservation projects based on UNEP/IUCN Migratory Species, particularly in the field of poisoning prevention.